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Promotional & Commercial

Video Production in Seattle, WA

Have you ever heard the classic saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words"? Well, welcome to today where a video can be priceless.

This branding video for Arctic Apples is an example of Unified Cinematic's promotional videos.

A video to promote your business and attract customers is essential for every website. When you combine the effort with multiple videos, the possibilities are endless — as are the potential sales and customers your company might get. That's why your Seattle, WA, business needs promotional video production for your services and products.

Why Is Video Marketing a Worthwhile Promotion Method?

You might wonder why videos are one of the best methods to increase sales, improve your online presence, and make people aware of you. Here are a few reasons:

  • It builds trust: A video that features you — an actual face to your company — builds trust between you and your customer.

  • It helps your SEO: As customers engage with your video, customers will spend more time on your site. This helps Google to know that you are trustworthy and can boost your search engine rankings.

  • It resonates with mobile users: People who use their smartphones consume video media. As more people switch to mobile devices, your video audience can only get stronger.

  • It appeals to everyone: Some people don't like reading about a product. A video can be an excellent tool to quickly and smartly explain your product or service to all your customers.

  • It can spread across social media: If you enable your video to be shareable, more people can know about your business through social media channels.

This video demonstrates how multiple videos tied in with a core theme can help educate and simultaneously reinforce a brand image.

Why Should You Choose

Unified Cinematic?

Unified Cinematic is dedicated to providing you high-quality, effective videos that you can share and promote on your website and social media.


We work with you closely from start to finish, ensuring the video is as perfect as possible. We also offer various packages tailored toward small businesses, all at affordable rates.


If you're ready to request a quote, please fill out our online form or call us at 206-659-9432

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